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It is a well-known fact that thousands of attacks are launched every single day to hack into and gain access to government, business, industrial and even personal information. With cyber hackers from all over the world, it is of extreme importance that adequate measures are put in place to not only guard from cyber-attacks, but also ensure that any data from and to devices attached to critical infrastructure are encrypted and authenticated.

At Infrax Systems, we have taken securitizing data to the next level. Our Trusted Platform Module (TPM) provides the ultimate when it comes to security using a robust authentication mechanism in conjunction with high bit rate of data encryption. Our secure communications card for the electric utility meters, SNIC, uses TPM for security. Additionally, the communication infrastructure is constantly monitored using our GRIM platform to ensure unwarranted attacks are kept at bay.

To complement our security product line, we offer secure encrypted mobile voice and data communication devices, Secfone, and secure encrypted data access devices, secbox, to safeguard data and VOIP networks....

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