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Network Design

Telecommunications Networks and Back haul Networks


The Utility industry relies on many types of specialized communications networks to move various types of data from one point to another.  Infrax Systems personnel have a combined experience of over 100 years in providing cost effect and reliable solutions for communications between energy substations and generation facilities, Data Centers and Energy control Centers , corporate offices, and remote facilities.  Solutions are available for any need, be it a contact closure on a smart sensor, a remote RTU or broadband services such as Storage Area Networks and Data Center backup.  We specialize in network upgrades and conversions from analog and TDM services to SONet and Ethernet networks.



Examples of Telecommunications Network and Back Haul Network Services are;

  • Communications network assessment and evaluation
  • Equipment specification and RFP generation
  • Network Design; Data, SCADA, SAN, WAN
  • Technology evaluation;  Analog, TDM, SONet, Carrier Ethernet, MPLS
  • Network Upgrades;  TDM to SONet, SONet to Carrier Ethernet
  • Smart Grid Networking, Distribution Automation, Smart Sensors
  • Back Haul Networks for Distribution Automation and Smart Grid networks
  • Network Management systems
  • Project Management and “Owner’s Engineer” management


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