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The evolution of the Smart Grid will forever change the process of power distribution and it is in this section of the grid that the changes will be most noticeable.  Intelligence and advanced communications functionality will need to be incorporated in switchgear, transformers, reactive power compensation solutions, and SCADA/DMS (Distribution Management System) to improve the operational efficiency of medium- and low-voltage power networks.

As power generation becomes more distributed, the distribution grid will need to become more responsive to fluctuations in power quality and changes in consumer demand.  Most importantly, all of the solutions implemented must be secure to face the challenges presented by Cyber-Terrorism.

Infrax?s suite of software and hardware solutions will initially be focused on securely meeting the evolving requirements of distribution networks. Grid Intrusion Management (GRIM) will be incorporated into all of our software and hardware products. Our Enforcer automated meter disconnect product will allow utilities to throttle or disconnect power to a consumer from a secure, remote location without putting field personnel in harms way.

Distribution Automation Services

The management of the complex automation systems will rely on real-time and secure communications, coupled with highly adaptive control systems. Real-time information will be required by utilities and their customers from across the network relating to grid performance, power flow and consumer demand. Infrax?s ADR (Advanced Demand Response) product will allow intelligent automated devices to react to imbalances in the system and also improve asset management by enabling improved predictive maintenance programs and faster emergency response times.

Utility operations will be greatly enhanced by the deployment of our enterprise-wide information systems and customer response management tools. Infrax?s product suite will improve utility operations by enabling substation and feeder automation, to securely and intelligently distribute or inhibit power flow based on peak demand.

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